Liévine Hubert

Group vibration, increasing concentration, walking as slowly as possible

Liévine’s artistic practice combines body and voice, with an appetite for dance, martial arts, polyphony and ecology. 

Out of this multifaceted craving, she creates hybrid forms, through various collaborations with a guitarist, a dancer, a special effects designer (…). Her workshops are conceived in the same way: they are imagined as unique works, with their own dramaturgies and fields of exploration. In both cases they are spaces for intense collective experience.

Liévine studied philosophy in Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Granada, specialising in aesthetics and philosophy of art. At the same time, she trained at De Kleine Academie – International School for Creation and Theatre (Brussels), where body and movement have a central place.

Since then, she has sung with the vocal group Les Divas Dugazon, worked alongside the Rennes-based choreographer Alain Michard, and then, within the Réseau des Arts in Brussels, the FrancoFaune Music Festival, and Facir – federation of Belgian musicians.

These pursuits interest her today: group vibration, increasing concentration, walking as slowly as possible, morning dance parties, thinking about the concrete implications of the phrase “less is more”.