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An invitation to take the time to look

For a while, spectators will be invited to recalibrate their perception, to allow their relationship to the world to be sharpened. ECHO is an immersive performance.

In a precise, meticulous score, where every detail is an event, the movement of things becomes important: their rhythm, their weight, their orchestration.

Smoke, wind, very large translucent hessian, family slides, mobile amplifiers.

ECHO is a choreography of materials. A crossing of sound, choreographic and luminous materials. A hybrid performance, combining sound, gesture and light.

A hypnotic contemplation. A ghostly appearance, in the order of dreams and memory. An invitation to take the time to look.


With the support of Conseil de l’Interdisciplinarité de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Concept:Liévine Hubert

Light:Thibault Condy

Music:Clément Nourry

Time:Between 20 min and 2 hours

Space:Inspiring and soulful, like Art Deco swimming pool, disused chapel, Art Nouveau house, exhibition space (…)

The play has been presented there

René Magritte Museum Brussels, 2019

Studio-Garden Verrewinkel Brussels, 2019

Wolke Brussels, 2019

Villa Empain – Boghossian Fondation Brussels, 2018

Carrefour des Arts Brussels, 2019

Maison de la Création Brussels, 2017

L’iselp Bruxelles, 2015

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