Shaping new rituals

I am convinced that we need to find new perspectives, new ground to move on. 

I am convinced that we need to shape a new mode of proximity, with new rituals.

This is a project born in the context of the coronavirus, of the constraint that we know.

Without seeing, hearing or touching each other

Telepathy comes from Greek tele (far) and patheia (what we feel). This word designates a sharing of experience between two people who cannot perceive each other. It is also called “transmission of thought” but it is not “thought” in the strict sense.

You don’t know me. Like many other artists, I have seen the majority of my activities – and my income – disappear within a few days. And this for an indefinite period of time.

I wondered how to get in touch with you. I wondered how to share an experience together. I looked for an alternative to social networks, video conferencing, email, telephone and other digital means of communication that are both necessary and mind-numbing.

Today I am offering you a one-to-one meeting with me, without seeing, hearing or touching each other. At exactly the same time, we will “feel each other from afar”, according to a shared protocol, with a precise schedule. Each of us in our respective rooms, in our kitchens, in our gardens, we will connect, we will ignore the distance that separates us.

A session lasts about 45 minutes and is for one person at a time. The sessions leave traces (texts, photographs) which are then gathered on a blog accessible to everyone.

Technical needs

space a quiet place (your living room, your garden, a park, a field…)

tools a stopwatch, a camera, something to write with