Le Laboratoire de l’ordinaire


What seems self-evident

In the style of Georges Perec in L’infra-ordinaire, we question our habits. We pay attention to “what seems so self-evident that we have forgotten its origin”.

The daily gesture is the object of our Laboratory. We analyze its rhythm, its pauses, the gaze that accompanies it.

This precise, quasi-scientific study of the gesture emanates a story, an emotion, an imagination. Changing a detail in the way we execute a gesture, for example, the axis of the gaze or the tempo of the gesture, is to invent another story. From there, we realise that a succession of simple movements, performed in such and such a way, can take on the allure of a western, a thriller or a comedy.

We invite you to take part in an experiment, in a great collective game. You will become the scientists in our laboratory and we will be at the mercy of your experiments.

This creation was created in Rennes (Hôtel Pasteur) and Brussels (CC Wolubilis).

Concept:interactive show-conference

With:Liévine Hubert, Joséphine Borsu

Time:40 minutes